Our wetsuits are made of the best neoprene, the one used by the main players of the industry. At WC you can choose between limestone base rubber and Yulex 100% natural rubber. Yes, the Patagonia thing is available from WC. Combined with hot inner lining material, polypro, quick dry, or infrared, all devlopped to keep you warm.

Henkel glue (Germany) , Coats thread (UK), YKK Zippers (Japan) are exclusively used in our lines, ensuring high level of manufacturing quality. For comfort and durability, all our steamer wetsuits are taped inside. There too we offer choices.

Chest zip, slant zip, back zip, No zip styles are there for you to enjoy and build the suits your market needs.

We carry a wide inventory of colors to service our clients with fast needs, such as collection, samples, team suits.

Along the years we developed a range of printed jerseys for you to build your suits around them. Although you will find illustration of some of them on this website, we could print your own design with no minimum hassles, making your suits unique.

At WC, we are very flexible in terms of numbers. Whatever your needs, we are equipped to cover them in each and every situation. Contact us.

You already have your manufacturing facility and would like to benefit from our experience and material? We have Couple of Japanese goodies for you. From Heat seal tapes, Moon tape, to hand glued tapes. Heat transfer decals, and knee pads, and so much more.

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